Paintings by Brad Betts

Down East Gallery represents the work of award-winning Maine artist Brad Betts.

Brad Betts has been an artist for over 25 years and is a Signature Member of the American Society of Marine Artists (ASMA).  His paintings have appeared in solo and group shows throughout New England, including the Mystic Seaport Gallery’s acclaimed “International Marine Art Exhibition” for the past 14 years. In 2006, Brad received the “Maritime Gallery Yachting Award” and in 2017 the “Award of Excellence” at this annual juried exhibition.  In 2008, he was recognized as one of “Four Distinguished Artists” at the Mystic Seaport Gallery.

In 2011, Brad’s maritime painting “Cup Challenge” was selected by internationally renowned author Ferenc Maté for the cover of “Sea of Lost Dreams”, the second book in the Dugger / Nello series.  Brad is currently working on a book cover for Maté’s first book in the series, “Ghost Sea”.

His inspiration to paint all things nautical is an outgrowth of his youth, which he spent around the Gulf coast waters, deep sea fishing and sailing.  Today, his paintings reflect his life-long appreciation of the sea. His work is filled with movement: schooners under full sail battle through wind-driven seas; and Friendship sloops glide through the calm waters of Maine’s inlets. The classic Betts oil is a summer day in Maine – blue skies, billowing sails, and shimmering seas.

In 2007, Brad and his wife Danielle made the decision to move to East Boothbay Maine, the beautiful seaside village famous for boat building. Living in an area with a rich maritime history and active working harbor offers Brad the opportunity to connect daily with classic scenes that most inspire him.

Brad has achieved his mastery of maritime painting through a blend of both technical discipline in the studio and a focused effort to retain his natural, inspired style. He seeks this through outdoor painting, “When you paint outside, the light and conditions change constantly. This forces you to simplify your decisions and rely completely on practiced techniques and natural instincts. In these moments, you connect most with yourself as an artist and the energy that comes from within.”

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Sculpture and more

Down East Gallery is pleased to include a curated collection of sculpture, glassware, woodwork, ceramics and tapestries by Maine artists.

Dan Ucci

Dan’s sculptures exhibit simplicity of form and celebrate the beauty of the stone itself, while his larger outdoor installed works reflect a respectful use of natural forms thoughtfully placed in a purposeful setting.

Dick Alden

Dick shapes each piece to exude a rhythmic motion, balance and harmony in the final composition, capturing that special spirit which each stone possesses.

Priscilla May Alden

Influenced by her travels, Priscilla’s tapestries exhibit the power, rhythm, colors and beauty of the bold rugged coast of Maine, as well as the colors of the landscape and weaving traditions of the American southwest.

Andreas von Huene

Andreas strives to create art that comes alive – wanting the medium itself to almost breathe life – while also creating different levels of imagination within each individual work.

Susan Bennett

Susan’s steel sculptures have a very natural and pleasing visual rhythm, using biomorphic forms with subtle, sparkling reflections that result from the play of light.

Gabriel Greenlaw

Gabriel strives to visually communicate the complexity in the natural world through intricate lines, dense intensity and the inherent intrigue and tension within the chaos.

Michael Lewis

Michael Lewis Mike combines his creative nature and inventive spirit to fashion unique sculptures, each with a distinctive flair that inspires curiosity and admiration.  As a woodcarver, boat builder and life-long carpenter, Mike has a… More

Sam Betts

Sam Betts Sam approaches art with equal shares of creativity and technical challenge.  He is passionate about exploring new techniques for creating graceful designs with hidden, integrated connections that give his wood and stone sculptures… More

Stephen Porter

Stephen Porter Stephen Porter creates elegant sculptures for gardens, interiors, installations, and corporate settings in stainless steel, bronze, granite, and laminated hardwoods. His works of art explore the pure language of geometrics and are characterized… More

Cynthia Stroud

Cynthia Stroud Cynthia lives on the coast of Maine where she works in a wide range of media; in bronze, stone, wood and clay, also in oil, pastel, watercolor, photography, and collage. Trained as a… More

Jay Sawyer

Jay Sawyer After graduating Maine Maritime Academy in 1983 with a BS Marine Engineering, I worked in marine related employment for the next 9 years.  Coming ashore to raise a family and run my own… More

David Allen

David Allen “Working with natural medium offers endless opportunities for creation. Wherever I look, I see things that can be used to create something more than what they appear to be on the surface. It is… More

Andre Benoit

  Andre Benoit Andre Benoit creates three-dimensional wood sculptures made from recycled materials that are assembled and painted to create folk art drawn from nature and inspired by life in coastal Maine.  His colorful pieces are… More

Lindsey Appleyard

Lindsey Appleyard Lindsey Appleyard creates art through the lens of science, integrating the human body, insects, and other elements of the natural world into complex studies and interpretations of the boundaries between reality and dystopia.… More

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A custom piece of art that captures the spirit of your home, boat or favorite destination.

Back in the Day 30 x 40 Oil on Canvas $20,000

On Ram IslandGliding InLoading the Traps, South BristolWind-with-Flag_web




From crabapple flowers to cascading waterfalls and snowy mountains, these paintings show the diversity of Maine.

seasidegardenfinal2Ovens Mouth Preserve by Brad BettsFishermans-shedDamariscotta VillageIce-on-Great-Salt-Bay_webWild Flowers and FogBeach Roses in the Fog by Brad BettsPoppies By The Sea

Maritime Art

Paintings that reflect Brad’s life-long appreciation of the sea. His work is filled with movement: schooners under full sail battle through wind-driven seas; and Friendship sloops glide through the calm waters of Maine’s inlets. The classic Betts oil is a summer day in Maine – blue skies, billowing sails, and shimmering seas.


White on Blue, 30"x40", oil on canvas, $7,200

Heading Into Gloucester by Brad BettsMoon-Over-the-Mainland1157451_596886823687436_1069763213_n1173622_613824701993648_1739664683_nClouds-Over-The-Kennebunk-River-by-Betts-webLoosestrife on the Shore_300Wind-with-Flag_webCup-Challenge

Swordfishing, 30"x40", oil on canvas
Swordfishing, 30″x40″, oil on canvas