Susan Bennett

Susan Bennett

Making sculpture is an adventure that perfectly suits me, bringing together my training in the arts, technical skills in metal work, and life lessons learned.  Creating is a very satisfying process that nourishes confidence, gives comfort, and makes self determination a possibility.




Tear Vase with Flowers, carbon steel, encaustic wax

When I make sculpture from carbon steel (Tear Vase with Flowers, Birds in a Bush), I consider its industrial tempered, substantive traits.  I work intuitively exploiting its innate qualities of force and vitality. It feels somewhat subversive to disregard the utility of this material for aesthetic purposes.  There is sensory appeal in creating biomorphic form, and manipulating the surface into a variety of texture, polishing it into a soft charcoal sheen, or adding subtle natural hues.

Birds in a Bush, carbon steel wtih wax finish, $1,000
Chance, stainless steel, $1,200
Between the Lines, stainless steel, $900

Soaring effortlessly, stainless steel (Wind, Things I Sea, Passage, Chance, Between the Lines) possesses attributes that are expansive. Nature evokes physiological responses, impulses that are a fundamental source of creativity. We are naturally drawn to the sparkle of the sun on water, and so it is as soft, light reflecting patterns on the surface of a stainless steel sculpture enhances the visual rhythm with linear contours and asymmetrical balance.

Wind (on pedestal) by Susan Bennett
Passage by Susan Bennett
Things I Sea by Susan Bennett

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