Sam Betts

Sam Betts

Sam approaches art with equal shares of creativity and technical challenge.  He is passionate about exploring new techniques for creating graceful designs with hidden, integrated connections that give his wood and stone sculptures a sense of lightness that belies their strength and structural integrity.

Currently a student at Bowdoin College, his studies are further developing his intuitive creative process with classes in art, music, philosophy and mathematics.

“Synergy”, 40″ dia. x 18″ high cherry and glass coffee table by Sam Betts
“Purity”, 34″ x 24″ x 82″ jet mist black granite sculpture by Sam Betts



Photos from the 2017 Maine Coast Stone Symposium in Boothbay, Maine:

At the request of the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, Sam developed a custom design for an Adirondack-style chair that utilized staves from a collection of whiskey barrels donated to the organization.  The chairs were then fabricated by the local high school Furniture and Design class.

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