Jay Sawyer

Jay Sawyer

After graduating Maine Maritime Academy in 1983 with a BS Marine Engineering, I worked in marine related employment for the next 9 years.  Coming ashore to raise a family and run my own business was a dream come true for me.

My work is heavily comprised of salvaged metals of several sorts.  Over the years I ran my welding/consulting company, many projects were repairs, upgrades, and modifications of all types of machinery and equipment, structural welding, marine repairs, bridge work, farm equipment, over the road machinery, signage, etc.   Often this left me with the duty of removing the discarded materials.  I began developing an eye and an appreciation for more and more of this detritus and resolving ways of putting the material to use.  Over time the end result was in more of an artistic manner.

Efforts in my “shop” with the actual intent of creating something “artistic” began in early 2005.   My first public exhibition of artwork was a solo show at the Cushing Historical Society’s Arts In the Barn series in 2007.  34 sculptures with a combined weight of somewhere near 6 ton were transported to Cushing for the weekend show.  When it was over a total of 16 pieces had been sold.  WOW!

2016 marked one full decade of exhibiting sculpture.  In that same time, a complete transition occurred into a career as a full time artist.  My work has been well received and I have been rewarded with several fairly high profile commissions, public art installations around Maine and beyond, and several series of works that can be expanded upon.   It was a thrill to bookend my first ten years in the art world with a solo show at the University of Maine at Farmington, featuring a series of work known as Sculpture Soup.

Art is a true passion; it does not seem like work most of the time.   Turns out there has been a fire burning inside for some time now.  It took me a long time to realize there was one in there and it took me a while longer to learn how to control it.  I think I am getting there!

“Feeling Lucky”, 32″ Horseshoe Sphere, Steel Number XIV by Jay Sawyer $1,600
“You’re Looking Over a 4-Leaf Clover”, 32″ Horseshoe Sphere, Steel Number XIX by Jay Sawyer $1,600
“You’re Looking Over a 4-Leaf Clover”, 32″ Horseshoe Sphere, Steel Number XIX by Jay Sawyer $1,600


Untitled, Steel by Jay Sawyer $1,200

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