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Sculpture and other art

Down East Gallery is pleased to include a collection of sculpture, glasswork and tapestries by Maine artists.

Dan Ucci

Dan’s sculptures exhibit simplicity of form and celebrate the beauty of the stone itself, while his larger outdoor installed works reflect a respectful use of natural forms thoughtfully placed in a purposeful setting.

Dick Alden

Dick shapes each piece to exude a rhythmic motion, balance and harmony in the final composition, capturing that special spirit which each stone possesses.

Priscilla May Alden

Influenced by her travels, Priscilla’s tapestries exhibit the power, rhythm, colors and beauty of the bold rugged coast of Maine, as well as the colors of the landscape and weaving traditions of the American southwest.

Andreas von Huene

Andreas strives to create art that comes alive – wanting the medium itself to almost breathe life – while also creating different levels of imagination within each individual work.

Susan Bennett

Susan’s steel sculptures have a very natural and pleasing visual rhythm, using biomorphic forms with subtle, sparkling reflections that result from the play of light.

Gabriel Greenlaw

Gabriel strives to visually communicate the complexity in the natural world through intricate lines, dense intensity and the inherent intrigue and tension within the chaos.

Michael Lewis

Michael Lewis Mike combines his creative nature and inventive spirit to fashion unique sculptures, each with a distinctive flair that inspires curiosity and admiration.  As a woodcarver, boat builder and life-long carpenter, Mike has a… More

Sam Betts

Sam Betts Sam approaches art with equal shares of creativity and technical challenge.  He is passionate about exploring new techniques for creating graceful designs with hidden, integrated connections that give his wood and stone sculptures… More

Stephen Porter

Stephen Porter Stephen Porter creates elegant sculptures for gardens, interiors, installations, and corporate settings in stainless steel, bronze, granite, and laminated hardwoods. His works of art explore the pure language of geometrics and are characterized… More

Cynthia Stroud

Cynthia Stroud Cynthia lives on the coast of Maine where she works in a wide range of media; in bronze, stone, wood and clay, also in oil, pastel, watercolor, photography, and collage. Trained as a… More

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