Danielle Rose Byrd

Danielle Rose Byrd is a woodworker and carver from Mount Desert Island, Maine. Her hand-carved spoons, bowls, and other wooden utensils are uniquely shaped and beautifully defined, each one finished just enough to be functional yet still allow the hand-hewn character of the piece to shine.

In creating her shrinkpots, a freshly cut section of a limb is hollowed out, forming a tube. A notch is cut along the inside of one end, and a dry piece of wood is fit loosely into the notch. While the exterior dries, it shrinks around the bottom, forming a tighter fit. After drying, a lid is then fit onto the final form and painted or decorated with chip carving.

Her wooden bowls – some finished smooth, others left with a heavily textured interior – are made entirely with hand tools and carved directly from a log. Every finished surface came directly off the razor edge of a hand tool – axe, adze, gouges, spokeshave and drawknife.



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