Winter Surf on Ocean Point

Winter Surf on Ocean Point, 9 x 12, oil on linen, en plein air


When I’m not sure what to paint, I often drive around Boothbay looking for inspiration.  On this late February day, the winds were howling and the surf was roaring, and it was the challenge of plein air painting in these conditions that inspired me.  An unexpected issue was brought on by the colder temperatures… the paint was thicker and much harder to move around the canvas, which surprised me and forced me to adapt from my normal style of painting.

Ice on Great Salt Bay

“Ice on Great Salt Bay”, 12 x 16, oil on linen, en plein air


I painted “Ice on Great Salt Bay” this winter on January 28th, a beautiful and unseasonably warm day.  Driving through Damariscotta, I saw the warm marsh grasses against the cool snow and ice-covered bay.  Fortunately there was a trailhead with easy access on DRA’s Salt Bay Preserve.


Carlton Plummer awards Brad Betts an Honorable Mention for “Cottage on the Cove”

At the closing ceremony for Boothbay Harbor Fest 2015 “A Stroke of Art” event, I was very excited to receive the Honorable Mention for my painting “Cottage on the Cove”.  The award was given by juror Carlton Plummer.


My painting, “Morning Shimmer”, was also a part of the exhibition, held at Harborfields in West Boothbay Harbor.


Carlton Plummer, left and artist Brad Betts, right, at the exhibition.

Carlton and Brad Betts.JPG

Boothbay Farmer’s Market

This painting, “Boothbay Farmer’s Market”, was created as part of a Quick Draw, where each painter had only 2 hours to compose, sketch, paint and complete their painting.

Goranson's Farm Stand

The Quick Draw was one of many events put on during the Boothbay Harbor Fest 2015 “A Stroke of Art”.  It was inspiring to work among such a diverse and talented group of painters from all over the country.  

For more information on Boothbay Harbor Fest or the Annual Stroke of Art, visit their website at: Boothbay Harbor Fest


Painted this week in Portland in the Old Port, just beyond J’s Oyster Bar.  I’m always drawn to this particular spot, a remnant of working waterfront in a beautiful growing city.  I was looking for a human element, something to bring this painting to life, and just then a guy came out and threw bait in the water.  The birds came off the rooftops… chasing after the bait.










Fisherman’s Shed

Looking south down the the Damariscotta River, this painting is of an old fisherman’s shed on the tip of a small point of land.  This classic river scene evokes a feeling of peace and solitude.

If you have seen this painting, please contact the artist as it was lost/stolen from a gallery in New London Connecticut in 2011.

Fisherman’s Shed, 11″x14″, oil on linen by Brad Betts