Welcome to Down East Gallery!

Our story.

In December 2016, we purchased the old Hutchins dairy farm.  The barn was built in 1904, the farmhouse completed in 1906.

Charles A. Hutchins (left) and his son Tommy Hutchins (right).
The farmhouse & barn, when we purchased it in December 2016.

Passing by on Route 27, we were drawn to the “big sky” behind the farmhouse & barn. We drove in one day and were stunned by the view – acres of wildflower meadows, old hayfields, bird marsh habitats, and wooded hills.

35 acres – and a steep southeast facing hill – perfect for a vineyard!

Beginning in January, we began a 6-month renovation to turn the gutted farmhouse into our dream: a gallery to celebrate the art of Maine’s finest makers.

Our artists.

Our artists are people we know and love – people who are deeply rooted in Maine, who work every day with their hands to gain practice in the age-old tradition of craft, and who understand the value of art in connecting our communities.

Our farm.

The Farmhouse.  Over 150 works of original fine art, including maritime, landscape & harbor scenes, by award-winning Maine artist Brad Betts, ASMA.




The Barn.  Colorful hand-woven tapestries, metal, glass and stone sculptures, and other hand-crafted goods, set against the warm backdrop of the 1904 barn. Occasionally, a music venue. Or simply a place to relax, pick up a guitar, and make music of your own.


The Vineyard.  Underway!  When our small vineyard in East Boothbay reached its 5th summer and exploded with grapes, we knew we needed more land.  Our first 30 vines are planted and more vines are on the way !  If you dream of wine and touching the earth, let us know – we’d love your help.


Thank you so much for visiting Down East Gallery! Relax in the barn, take in the view, walk the trails, and most of all, celebrate the art, and the many hours of patient time and talent invested by Maine’s finest artists.


Brad & Danielle Betts

Sculpture and other art

Down East Gallery is pleased to include a collection of sculpture, glasswork and tapestries by Maine artists.

Paintings by Brad Betts

Award-winning artist Brad Betts creates paintings that reflect his life-long appreciation of the sea. The classic Betts oil is a summer day in Maine – blue skies, billowing sails, and shimmering seas.